Use Came in a Sentence and How to use “Came” in a sentence


Use Came in a sentence. How to use the word Came in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Came. Sentence for Came.

Use Became in a Sentence

Came” is the past tense of the verb “come.” The verb “come” refers to movement or motion towards a place or person. It can also refer to arriving at a place or event, or to happening or occurring. For example:

  • He came home late last night. (movement towards home)
  • She came to see me yesterday. (movement towards me)
  • The food will come out of the kitchen in a few minutes. (movement towards the front of the restaurant)
  • The concert is coming up soon. (an event that will occur in the future)
  • Winter is coming. (an event that will happen in the future)

Examples of Came in a sentence

  1. I came home late last night.
  2. She came to visit me yesterday.
  3. The package came in the mail today.
  4. The concert came and went too quickly.
  5. Winter came and brought cold weather with it.
  6. We came up with a new plan.
  7. He came down with a cold.
  8. The idea came to me in a dream.
  9. The answer came to me suddenly.
  10. She came to the realization that she had made a mistake.
  11. The solution came to him in a flash of insight.
  12. The opportunity came at just the right time.
  13. The storm came out of nowhere.
  14. The news came as a shock.
  15. The cat came creeping into the room.
  16. The pain came and went in waves.
  17. The memories came flooding back.
  18. The train came to a stop at the station.
  19. The sun came up over the horizon.
  20. The tide came in and flooded the beach.
  21. The baby came early, much to our surprise.
  22. The band came on stage to a roar of applause.
  23. The guests came bearing gifts.
  24. The singer came out in a dazzling outfit.
  25. The car came to a halt at the stop sign.
  26. The wind came howling through the trees.
  27. The water came up to my knees.
  28. The dog came running up to me, wagging its tail.
  29. The thought came to me that I had forgotten something.
  30. The answer came quickly, much to my relief.
  31. The cat came running at the sound of the can opener.
  32. The thought came to me that I had left the stove on.
  33. The realization came to me that I had left my keys at the office.
  34. The idea came to him that he could fix the problem himself.
  35. The solution came to her in a moment of clarity.
  36. The opportunity came at just the right moment.
  37. The storm came on suddenly, catching us off guard.
  38. The news came as a complete surprise.
  39. The cat came sneaking into the room, looking for food.
  40. The pain came in intense bursts that left me gasping for air.


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