Use Cables in a Sentence, How to use “Cables” in a sentence


Use Cables in a sentence. How to use the word Cables in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cables.

Use Cables in a Sentence - How to use "Cables" in a sentence


Definition of Cables

  • a thick rope of non-metallic wire or fiber, typically used for construction, mooring and towing vehicles.
  • an insulated cable or cables that have a protective casing and are used to transmit electricity or telecommunications signals.

Examples of Cables in a sentence

  1. In one system, the main cables terminate in large hermetic iron boxes placed in the registers.
  2. They also make beers, sawmills, shipbuilding and the manufacture of biscuits, soap and submarine cables.
  3. However, it was not a perfect enough representation of a cable laid to serve for duplex cables more than a few hundred miles in length.
  4. All cables of any great length are worked by reverse currents.
  5. All long cables work with inverse currents.
  6. Cables that contain 570,134 m.
  7. In the operation of intraurban railways, steam locomotives, cables and electricity have been tested on their own: the former has been used in the above examples of underground lines and in the various elevated systems of the United States.
  8. The metallurgical industries are well developed and consist of the production of iron, steel, machinery, small arms, lead articles, cables and rails.
  9. A coastal cable runs from Para to Montevideo with double cables between Pernambuco and Montevideo.
  10. Oil refineries, iron smelters, chemicals, boiling in soaps, silk spinning and the production of accessories for ships, such as marine steam boilers, anchors, chains and cables, are the other main branches of the industry.
  11. Telephone and telephone cables are linked to these ports, but there is no regular passenger route due to the inconvenience of Portpatrick.
  12. Gredretrex is also important as a station for the submarine cables that connect Norway with Morocco, South America and Portugal.
  13. This formula is important in relation to the capacity of electrical cables, which consist of a cylindrical conductor (a cable) enclosed in a conductive sheath.
  14. It is still used locally to make shoes, boat cables, mats and a kind of spun fabric.

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