Use Cable in a Sentence, How to use “Cable” in a sentence


Use Cable in a sentence. How to use the word Cable in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cable. Sentence for Cable.

Use Cable in a Sentence - How to use "Cable" in a sentence


Examples of Cable in a sentence

  1. Aerial cable, cross-linked cable, cable with plastic cover, mine cable, control cable, boat cable, long distance symmetric cable, optical cable and optical and electronic cable.
  2. Aluminum – primary polyethylene cover used as a cover for aerial cable.
  3. The cable is designed for the overhead transmission and distribution of electricity.
  4. The frequent accidents resulting from falling buckets in the transport of aerial cable cars in Xiaoyi Bauxite Mine greatly influence the delivery of ore to Shanxi Aluminum Works.
  5. A plastic outer sleeve completes the cable.
  6. Ethernet cables are very similar to television aerial coaxial cable.
  7. The two cables to Holland and one of the cables to Germany were already owned by Great Britain, and the German cable from the United Company to Germany was bought by the German government.
  8. This duplex cable system has proven to be remarkably successful.
  9. It was not, however, a sufficiently perfect representation of a laid cable to serve for duplexing cables of more than a few hundred miles in length.
  10. A coastwise cable runs from Para to Montevideo with double cables between Pernambuco and Montevideo.
  11. Since by international agreement the wilful damage of a cable has been constituted a criminal offence, and the cable companies have avoided crossing the fishing banks, or have adopted the wise policy of refunding the value of anchors lost on their cables, the number of such fractures has greatly diminished.
  12. The two cables to Holland and one of the cables to Germany were already the property of Great Britain, and the German Union Company’s cable to Germany was purchased by the German government.
  13. In this case the cables terminate upon the poles, the connexions between the cable wires and the open wires being made with rubber-covered leads.
  14. The outer steel case of a cartridge or probe in a cable registration tool.

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