Use Business in a Sentence, How to use “Business” in a sentence


Use Business in a sentence. How to use the word Business in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Business.

use Business in a sentence


Examples of Business in a sentence

  1. Scope of management of the company: maritime transport, air transport, import and export of goods, transportation, international agency, business.
  2. Even if you have a one-person business, invite your spouse or partner, a trusted friend who knows your business and, if you can pay the hourly fees, your accountant or lawyer.
  3. Mr. Trump is a public accountant who moved into the software business.
  4. She is in business school, studying to be an accountant.
  5. Your accountant has advised you to close your business.
  6. He was using his business activities as a screen for crime.
  7. More and more companies use the Internet to conduct their business.
  8. The organization is using the event to boost business.
  9. In 1902 he went into business for himself, specializing in flood control, and in 1907-1909 was supervising engineer for the United States Government Drainage Investigations.
  10. What better way to cut an unwanted link than to disappear in a business for a couple of weeks?
  11. The business of sports and winter hardware is an animal different from that of sneakers and clothing.
  12. None of the companies involved is particularly active or burdened with debt and the beleaguered company describes the presentation as a formality that allows you to manage your entire business at once.
  13. Manage the insurance business of the company together with the locally appointed insurance agent.
  14. Great extensions of the Middle Kingdom will be practically indistinguishable from the small business enclave.
  15. SBA offers free advice through its Small Business Development Centers and its affiliate, SCORE.
  16. Emmett said in court that his luxurious lifestyle came from business he ran selling used cars and double glazing.
  17. Said service companies want the business of their agency and the splendid lunches and gifts are part of the course.

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