Use Burnous in a Sentence, How to use “Burnous” in a sentence


Use Burnous in a sentence. How to use the word Burnous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Burnous. Sentence for Burnous.

Use Burnous in a Sentence - How to use "Burnous" in a sentence


Examples of Burnous in a sentence

  1. In the Maghreb, the colour of the burnous is white, beige, or dark brown.
  2. One side of the burnous.
  3. A herbs and spices merchant wearing a burnous cloak, or a Jedi Master?
  4. burnous is a cloak-like garment and hood woven in one piece, worn by Arabs and Moors.
  5. The white burnous remains part of the parade uniform of the one remaining spahi regiment of the French Army: the 1st Spahi Regiment.
  6. Ibn khaldun called the amazigh the people of the burnous.
  7. Other names for a burnous include albornozsberniasberna, and bernusso.
  8. The burnous became a distinctive part of the uniform of the French Army of Africa’s spahi cavalry, recruited in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.
  9. We are burnous design Studios referred us burnous design is a marketing and communication company providing a strategic and creative solution.
  10. The picture shows a man dressed in a burnous riding a white horse.
  11. The kaiser’s visit to Morocco: the emperor attired in burnous and tropical helmet, to impress the Mohammedans.
  12. Custom made black wool burnous and caftan trimmed and hand embroidered in bordeau silk thread.
  13. When Dubuffet’s Arab in a burnous was acquired in 1981 it came housed in a deep red and gold scotia frame with a wide flat linen slip.
  14. The interior of the burnous is a wonderfully, rich lavender silk damask with exquisite floral patterns which are self-coloured and woven into the fabric.
  15. Which orgin does the cloak burnous, Arab or Berber?
  16. The Burnous is a long cloak of coarse woollen fabric with a hood, worn by men .
  17. North Africa is not only the Land of Sunshine; it is also the land of the burnous.

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