Use Burned in a Sentence, How to use “Burned” in a sentence


Use Burned in a sentence. How to use the word Burned in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Burned. Sentence for Burned.

Use Burned in a Sentence - How to use "Burned" in a sentence

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Examples of Burned in a sentence

  1. It burned very feebly.
  2. Cancer cells are burned using a laser beam.
  3. They can be burned even with slight air supply.
  4. To warm themselves, they burned wood in a barrel of oxidized oil.
  5. Instantly all the burning desire burned in his body.
  6. Was a building burned by lightning in the neighborhood?
  7. On the first of December, the candle is lit and burned to the first line of the candle.
  8. The same is done every day and then the rest of the candle is burned on Christmas day.
  9. In many countries, even today, waste is collected on roads and burned, right where it is.
  10. He was condemned to death and was strangled, in Lisbon, on Oct. 18, 1739, and his body was burned.
  11. The Surge is a good multisport watch to track a variety of activities, plus steps, distance, calories burned, tiered floors and sleep.
  12. The bodies of the socially esteemed were burned, their ashes being placed in great urns, and shrines built over them.
  13. So Jonas came up to the fire where Rollo was standing, and pointed out to Rollo a place, over a hot part of it, where there was no smoke, because the fire under it burned clear, being nearly reduced to coals.
  14. Whenever he put it into the tumbler of common air, it burned on without any change; but whenever he put it into the choke damp, it immediately went out.
  15. The Chaldæan army levelled the walls; city, palace, and temple were burned to the ground.
  16. Smoke rose out of his nostrils, and a consuming fire went from his mouth; coals burned forth from him.
  17. There was, though I hate to confess it, a vindictive pleasure in watching it melt into the flames; and at the moment I believe I could have burned the apparition as thankfully.


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