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Use built in a sentence. Sentence for built. How to use the word built in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word built. How to use “built” with example sentences.

Definition of built

Examples of built in a sentence

*** Mating occurs after the female’s shell is built.

*** The Münzturm (“Mint Tower”) in the royal palace compound was built on a sandy foundation and had to be destroyed by the architect in 1706.

*** Find an ottoman with built-in storage or a couch that can function as a sofa.

*** The firm of Pell and Corbett built such traditional works as the classical civic center in Springfield, Mass., begun in 1911.

*** The firm of Corbett, Harrison, and MacMurray collaborated with other firms on the design of Rockefeller Center, built between 1932 and 1940.

*** When was the Aurelian Wall built?

*** Who built Aurelian Walls and the history.

*** During World War I, thousands of Fokker D-7 and D-8 pursuit biplanes and DR-1 triplanes were built for the German air force.

*** During the Middle Ages, Aberystwyth was a fortified town that sprang up near an English castle built in 1277.

*** St. Patrick’s Cathedral was built mainly of granite, but wood and plaster were used in the vault to obviate the need for flying buttresses.

*** The cases are built of small pebbles, sticks, pieces of bark, or grass stems.

*** For a long time, an announced ruin has been built.

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