Use Built in a Sentence – How to use “Built” in a sentence


Use Built in a sentence. How to use the word Built in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Built. Sentence for Built.

Use Built in a Sentence - How to use "Built" in a sentence

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Examples of built in a sentence

  1. Mating occurs after the female’s shell is built.
  2. The M├╝nzturm (“Mint Tower”) in the royal palace compound was built on a sandy foundation and had to be destroyed by the architect in 1706.
  3. Find an ottoman with built-in storage or a couch that can function as a sofa.
  4. The firm of Pell and Corbett built such traditional works as the classical civic center in Springfield, Mass., begun in 1911.
  5. The firm of Corbett, Harrison, and MacMurray collaborated with other firms on the design of Rockefeller Center, built between 1932 and 1940.
  6. When was the Aurelian Wall built?
  7. Who built Aurelian Walls and the history.
  8. During World War I, thousands of Fokker D-7 and D-8 pursuit biplanes and DR-1 triplanes were built for the German air force.
  9. During the Middle Ages, Aberystwyth was a fortified town that sprang up near an English castle built in 1277.
  10. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was built mainly of granite, but wood and plaster were used in the vault to obviate the need for flying buttresses.
  11. The cases are built of small pebbles, sticks, pieces of bark, or grass stems.
  12. For a long time, an announced ruin has been built.
  13. Stepping out from the sliders, you will be greeted with a capacious area built for entertaining and relaxing.
  14. The iconic J. Lo, with more than three decades in the performing industry, built her own empire in the show business proving she can be anything, from being a blockbuster royalty to an international pop star.
  15. It has a swimming pool and spa, a dining terrace, and a built-in barbecue grill.
  16. Talking about relaxation, the marble master bath is just perfectly built for that with its free-standing deep-soaking tub, separate steam showers, and walk-in closets.


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