Use Building in a Sentence, How to use “Building” in a sentence


Use Building in a sentence. How to use the word Building in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Building.

Use Building in a Sentence - How to use "Building" in a sentence

Examples of Building in a sentence

  1. Empire focuses on one side of the Empire State Building for a period of eight hours.
  2. It is a favorite characteristic of German architecture where, placed at the angle of a building, it is sometimes carried up through two or three floors and covered with a roof.
  3. Brewing, saw-milling, boat-building, and the manufacture of biscuits, soap and submarine cables are also carried on.
  4. The building collapsed as an indirect result of heavy rains and storms.
  5. The building does not fit with the surrounding area.
  6. The police were instructed to patrol the building and the surrounding area.
  7. The exterior cladding of cedar slats, open horizontal, which further emphasizes the geometry of the building.
  8. Beyond the Majestic Malacca, the medieval charm of Melaka, its picturesque buildings, its picturesque shops and its 600-year-old narrow streets are perfect for exploring in a trishaw or on foot.
  9. In this much desired place outside the city, a picturesque building was erected.
  10. He had nausea in his stomach and sweat was building up on his forehead.
  11. A giant flying pig also projected the facade of the building at night with the accompaniment of loud grunts.
  12. They felt that this would impart a nice curvature to an otherwise rectangular building.
  13. Take a 15-story building that will adhere to a three-story structure.
  14. For a waning congregation that is pleased to be part of a group implanted in its own building, it is even more rare.
  15. Such was the impetus for the new phase of peace building in the Middle East, begun in October 1991.
  16. A venerable building – gray, even in the middle of the gray landscape.
  17. A venerable building, Drey, even in the middle of the landscape.

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