Bridge in a Sentence


How to use the word Bridge in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Bridge.

Examples of Bridge in a sentence

1. Bridge and culvert, Duct, Bulletproof aerial deployment and LAN networks.

2. A highway bridge connects it with the mainland.

3. The main meiotic chromosome aberration of the CMP is the multipolar division, loose pairing, inversion, interlaced chromosome, tetravalent, unequal segregation, lagged chromosome, bridge and laggards.

4. Buildings and debris are jammed against a rail bridge over the Cedar River on Saturday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


5. All streets in “Camp Lindsey” were named for the 31 US deaths of “Operation Vittles”, the Berlin Air Bridge of 1948-49.

6. Other close-ups include an old church in Peloponnese, a stone bridge in Ioannina, a Frankish castle in Euboea and a picturesque sunset over Lycabettus hill, Athens.

7. Trade moves east across the bridge and it will not be long before the Ottoman armies move west.

8. A zigzag bridge led to a small island with a pavilion in the middle of the lake.

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