Boss in a Sentence

Use Boss in a sentence. How to use the word Boss in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Boss.

Definition of Boss

1. A person who employs or is in charge of workers.

2. A person who controls a political organization.

3. The breast as the seat of thought breast.

Examples of Boss in a sentence

*** I am the boss here. I am not used to being told what to do.

*** The boss was pretty rough with him.

*** Donald said that his boss became increasingly depressed and went back to smoking a lot.

*** I know that my boss considers me incompetent.

*** The greedy boss did not stop at nothing to make a profit.

*** Ms. Trump, I would like to introduce you to my boss, Mr. Sato.

*** The boss was afraid of his secretary’s anger.

*** The boss has put all his money in that speculative venture.

*** She felt nothing but antagonism towards her boss.

*** He felt an intense hatred for his boss.

*** I agree with you, but I can not speak for my boss.

*** I wonder if he dares to confront his boss.

*** The way Donald tried to compensate the boss was unpleasant for the workers.

*** His boss gave him a reprimand for being late.

*** The boss asked the secretary to let the client get up.

*** Who is the boss in this house?

*** ​​She always tries to guess the boss.

*** His boss often cursed him, sometimes for no reason.

*** The smuggler was finally forced to report against his boss.

*** Did you mention this to the boss?

*** My boss does not allow me to use the phone.

*** Our new boss is the father of three.

*** I thought it would be better to address the matter with my boss.

*** He is servile to his boss.

*** He soon won the favor of his boss.

*** For you and your family, boss, during this holiday season!

*** I do not have the guts to say that to my boss.

*** Her boss could not prevent the other workers from verbally abusing her.

*** The boss sent me.

Boss in a Sentence

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