Use Book in a Sentence, How to use “Book” in a sentence


Use book in a sentence. How to use the word book in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word book.

Use Book in a Sentence - How to use "Book" in a sentence


Examples of book in a sentence

  1. The book is a collection of its reminiscences about the actress.
  2. The book shows her rise to fame as an actress.
  3. I finally managed to wade through that boring book I had to read.
  4. This book is really boring.
  5. Her book looks at her writings from a feminist perspective.
  6. The book is a kind of healing egg.
  7. Sometimes I will ask the writer of the book to write a monologue, not to be interpreted, as if they were notes for the character.
  8. The sentimental outcome of the book is pure Hollywood.
  9. Your book is honest without being sentimental.
  10. In general, the book is well illustrated, although I must admit that some of the figures are misleading or annoying.
  11. His latest book is a compelling read.
  12. The book received profuse praise from literary critics.
  13. Not only are there references to Christ and the Bible in his first book of prose, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, but also to Judaism, Buddhism, Sufism and even Eskimo spirituality.
  14. Turning the pages, underlining, taking notes, all the functions you have with a conventional book are absurdly easy to do.
  15. The book is believed to have influenced Wordsworth and Coleridge.
  16. The book caused such a stir that Strauss was forced to give up his position at Tübingen.
  17. His chief historical work, Sefer ha-Qabbalah (1161; The Book of Tradition), traces rabbinic authority from earliest times to his day.
  18. In 1868 she published a book of verse, Infelicia, dedicated to Dickens.
  19. Drake’s only published book of serious poetry, The Culprit Fay and Other Poems, was issued posthumously in abridged form in 1835.
  20. The book was a spur to French activity in the Sahara and of great value to other explorers.
  21. The service ends at sundown on Tishri 10 with the closing prayer (Neilah), on the hopeful note that ali who have repented have been inscribed by God into “the Book of Life” for the ensuing year.

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