Use Boldly in a Sentence, How to use “Boldly” in a sentence


Use Boldly in a sentence. How to use the word Boldly in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Boldly. Sentence for Boldly.

Boldly in a Sentence


Examples of Boldly in a sentence

  1. All these Ptolemy Ceraunus boldly set aside.
  2. The Arab League has boldly rented the Aaron family in front of the inn room, observing in secret.
  3. He succeeded in passing the lines and gaining the open country, but the Chaldæans in pursuit came up with the troop which had so boldly broken out in the plain of Jericho.
  4. I stopped there to listen further, and feeling sure that some event of great importance had happened, I walked boldly all the way down.
  5. He pushed boldly on into the narrow streets, which received him like a trap or a snare.
  6. With this little fleet Drake set sail boldly, and crossed the Atlantic, being fifty-five days out of sight of land.
  7. He pushed boldly forward, therefore, across the Pacific Ocean to the East Indies, thence through the Indian Ocean to the Cape of Good Hope, and, after three years from the time he left England, he returned to it safely again, his ship loaded with the plundered silver and gold.
  8. Should he follow up his victory, and advance boldly toward the capital, with a view of overcoming the Roman power entirely, or should he be satisfied with the advantage which he had already gained, and be content, for the present, with being master of Western Italy?
  9. The horses were somewhat disturbed by the strange sensations which they experienced, and began to canter again; but Marco, who felt more and more confidence every moment, pushed boldly on, gathered up the reins, and got all the ends together.
  10. They built vessels, in which they boldly put forth on the waters of the German Ocean or of the Baltic Sea on excursions for conquest or plunder.

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