Use Blue in a Sentence, How to use “Blue” in a sentence


Use blue in a sentence. How to use the word blue in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word blue. Sentence for blue.

Use Blue in a Sentence - How to use "Blue" in a sentence


Examples of blue in a sentence

  1. Blue Ridge is located in the picturesque White Mountains.
  2. The most unusual feature of the breed is the blue-black color of the tongue and mouth lining.
  3. Then, because it allows the Blue and Whites to face the final stretch of the season with optimism.
  4. Its frequent flyer program Flying Blue is one of the leaders in Europe with more than 15 million members.
  5. The senior sections are distinguished by using paper for section purposes with a light blue tinge.
  6. There were the same blue and beautiful seas, the same mountains, the same picturesque and enchanting shores, the same smiling valleys, and the same serene and genial sky.
  7. So she left her work, and went out of the room; but in a few minutes she returned, bringing with her two very large, square books, with blue covers.
  8. The sky was somewhat overcast, but there was a little blue to be seen, and Rollo thought that it would be pleasant.
  9. Light at night is bad for your health, and exposure to blue light emitted by electronics and energy-efficient lightbulbs may be especially so.
  10. This is the land of rice, of cotton, of sugar-canes, of the blue lotus, the edible banana, the gigantic fig-tree.
  11. Learn how to select the best blue paint colors for your home’s interior and exterior projects.
  12. In the Rigveda the jaundice is put away into parrots and thrushes; consumption is to fly away with the blue jay.
  13. Besides the women and servants, the bodyguard and the executioners clothed in blue are domiciled in the royal citadels.
  14. Ezekiel mentions the “captains and rulers of Assyria gorgeously clothed in blue purple, horsemen riding upon horses, all of them desirable young men.

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