Use Block in a Sentence, How to use “Block” in a sentence


Use Block in a sentence. How to use the word Block in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Block. Sentence for Block.

Block in a Sentence


Examples of Block in a sentence

  1. You may block a specific Member by entering that Member’s Handle.
  2. You can block as many Handles as you like.
  3. You can remove a block you placed on a specific Handle by entering the exact spelling of the Handle in the “Unblock by Handle” option.
  4. Block all Messages: You can block all messages sent to you by Members who use the Message Center.
  5. The chocolate packaging machine folding block aerial ladder platform has good chocolate packaging effects.
  6. Often, you should receive unwanted junk mail before you can block it, an unhappy task at best.
  7. This is a teaching block at Qinghua University that was renamed after the university received a donation from the Jeanswest clothing store.
  8. That’s why when her boyfriend of two years and professional baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, proposed to her, he didn’t just settle for any ring, he found the best rock for his Jenny from the Block.
  9. So saying he took the foreplane, which is a tool formed of a steel cutter, set in a pretty long and heavy block of wood, and placed it directly before the hole in the trap.
  10. Phonny then carried the trap to the back side of the shop and put it upon a great chopping-block which stood there.
  11. It remained standing upon the horse-block where he had placed it.
  12. So saying, Phonny jumped down from the bench and went and climbed up upon the chopping-block to get down an auger.
  13. Phonny had two augers, and they both hung over the block.
  14. He took down one and began very eagerly to bore a hole into the side of the chopping-block.

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