Use Blessing in a Sentence, How to use “Blessing” in a sentence


Use Blessing in a sentence. How to use the word Blessing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Blessing. Sentence for Blessing.

Blessing in a Sentence


Examples of Blessing in a sentence

  1. You make my heart smile. In such a soft and warm season, accept my sincere blessing and deep concern for you.
  2. In such a soft and warm season, accept my sincere blessing and deep concern for you.
  3. With these wishes, I gladly impart to all my Apostolic Blessing.
  4. But for those with little sentimental attachment to books as objects, and even less space on disposable shelves, the offer of transubstantiation could well be seen as a blessing.
  5. A blessing is carried out, after a procession of the church by the clergy and the congregation.
  6. Auriemma defended the decision saying it was a school record and he would never had done it had Bascom not given him her blessing.
  7. When the precise moment arrives, the Study Card is drawn up, and at the sound of its little bell, all the scholars recline their heads upon their desks, and unite with me in a very short prayer for God’s protection and blessing during the day.
  8. According to the prayer in the Avesta (p. 34) blessing and immortality continued in the kingdom of Yima, “till he began to love lying speech.
  9. As men rejoice at the sight of the moon-god (Chandra), so do they take pleasure in the sight of the good ruler; as Kuvera spreads abundance, so does the gracious look of the king give blessing and prosperity.
  10. She implored God’s blessing upon France; upon Scotland; upon England; upon Queen Elizabeth; and, more than all, upon her son.
  11. Another, that Alfred exerted his strength and his valor in vain, and was saved from defeat and destruction only by the intervention of Ethelred, bringing with him the blessing of Heaven.

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