Use Blessed in a Sentence, How to use “Blessed” in a sentence


Use Blessed in a sentence. How to use the word Blessed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Blessed. Sentence for Blessed.

Blessed in a Sentence


Examples of Blessed in a sentence

  1. The preacher blessed the congregation after his sermon.
  2. She was there all the time—every blessed minute.
  3. This was the blessed light that shone for her through it all.
  4. Amen said, and blessed them, and turned, and immediately the congregation began to sing.
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  6. The children of the poor are blessed with mothers who have this problem settled for them by the gaunt hand of necessity.
  7. If it is more blessed to give, as the Lord said, it is, as far as parents are concerned, quite as obligatory to receive.
  8. I contrived in the midst of it all to spend two Sundays with Mildred, but I remember nothing of them except the blessed wave of rest that swept over me as I lay on the grass under the elms.
  9. The colonel was lying on that blessed overcoat, his head in his daughter’s lap and his face quite pale.
  10. Now, as a mom of two little adopted kids, the movie star feels truly blessed to have her children in her life.
  11. This globe the archbishop blessed, and then the officer put it into Richard’s hands.
  12. In the same manner the sceptre was brought, and, after being blessed by means of the same ceremonies and prayers, was also put into Richard’s hands.
  13. The head of the family would first say, “Blessed be,” and the others would respond, “The Lord.”
  14. The banner, thus blessed, was forwarded to William by Lanfranc with great care.
  15. The standard which the pope had blessed was borne by his side by a young standard bearer, who was very proud of the honor.

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