Use Black in a Sentence, How to use “Black” in a sentence


Use Black in a sentence. How to use the word Black in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Black.

Use Black in a Sentence - How to use "Black" in a sentence


Examples of Black in a sentence

  1. My grandfather is a dapper man who wears black suits all the time.
  2. Small sacs filled with black spores are found at the tip of sporangiophores, and they are named sporangia.
  3. The hair of spider monkeys is rather long, often black or dusky, but in some species shows tints of gray, yellow, or reddish brown.
  4. One of a breed of black, hornless beef cattle that originated in Scotland.
  5. It is pure white with well-defined, preferably circular, spots of black or liver color.
  6. New World archaeological projects now routinely use commercially available and profitable black and white aerial photographs.
  7. Mary McLeod Bethune, Educator opened the first Black Girls School.
  8. Dad’s hero was the great black educator Booker T. Washington.
  9. The elliptical section cabinet is internally reinforced in bulk to eliminate unwanted internal resonance and is finished in black, dark apple or maple to complement the rest of your Q series system.
  10. 30/30 means a rifle with a diameter of 30 inches (7.62 mm) and a cartridge case designed to contain 30 grains (2 g) of black powder.
  11. The black widow spider has red-orange marks on its body.
  12. There are stories about the ant and a black widow spider.
  13. She looked horrified at the hairy black spider.
  14. The rare species such as the black rhinoceros, the anteater, the caracal, the serval cat, the plow wolf and the painted dog also reside in conservation.
  15. 1990 is a concentrated, complex and classic wine with black currant flavors and aromas of cedar and pipe tobacco.
  16. Soft tannins combined with cedar, berries, chocolate and black currant.
  17. The mouthfeel is full body with a taste of black cherries, currents and plums.
  18. The decoration is simple: black lacquer panels on white walls.
  19. Experiment with a variety of woods, including Baltic birch and black walnut.

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