Use Bitcoin in a Sentence – How to use “Bitcoin” in a sentence


Use Bitcoin in a sentence. How to use the word Bitcoin in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Bitcoin. Sentence for Bitcoin.

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Examples of bitcoin in a sentence

  1. You’ll make your deposit by bitcoins (in case you don’t recognize this, go searching “how to purchase bitcoin” in Google).
  2. Bitcoin is preparing for one of its biggest upgrades of all time, but what exactly should you know?
  3. In July, a significant amount of BTC will be unlocked from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).
  4. Lots of traders are singing the blues this summer, with the bitcoin price movement appearing sluggish, global derivatives volumes lethargic, and the ‘bear market’ doldrums of crypto twitter.
  5. From exploring the limitations of the protocol today, to detailing the technical underpinnings and potential impacts of this upgrade in the future, this report takes a holistic and objective look at what Taproot means for Bitcoin in the years to come.
  6. Amid Bitcoin’s massive price correction, Bitcoin miner incomes denominated in USD have hit an all-time high.
  7. With Taproot’s activation date rapidly approaching and the newest version of the Bitcoin Core software ready to support it, this report will give you a better understanding of how this privacy and transaction efficiency upgrade will shape the world’s most important cryptocurrency.
  8. Since the costs of mining are generally denominated in fiat currency, the increasing miner revenue in USD is instrumental in guaranteeing the continued security and longevity of the Bitcoin protocol.


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