Use Between in a Sentence, How to use “Between” in a sentence


Use Between in a sentence. How to use the word Between in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Between.

Use Between in a Sentence - How to use "Between" in a sentence


Examples of Between in a sentence

  1. No clear division between the fine and applied arts nor between the artist and craftsman can be made.
  2. Formerly no distinction was made between this and a bay window which rose from the ground.
  3. Tribal differences do not necessarily foster enmity or conflict between tribes.
  4. Several methods to make connections between large main cables and subscribers are in use.
  5. In this case, the cables terminate at the poles, the connections between the cables and the open cables are made with cables covered with rubber.
  6. In the more complicated stateless systems a balance of power is struck between the sublineages or lineages of which the disputants are members.
  7. The duality of the ontological meaning shows the contradiction between the method of ontological thought and the method of subjective thought.
  8. The underground system of paper cables has been extended to a large extent, Cables between New York, Detroit, Las Vegas, Utah.
  9. France and Great Britain jointly acquired the cables between Calais and Dover, Boulogne and Folkestone, Dieppe and Beachy Head, Havre and Beachy Head, Piron, near Coutances, and Vieux Châteaux (St. Heliers, Jersey).
  10. This is the coldly correct relationship that prevails in these patrilineal societies between the nephew and his paternal aunt.
  11. Belgium and Great Britain became co-owners of the cables between Ramsgate and Ostend, and Dover and De la Panne.
  12. However, due to long-term poverty with a lower cultural level and ignoring the protection of zoology, natural resources were exceeded in order to establish the zoology between the beetle and the block.
  13. Relax between the fingers, without remorse, waves of open stem.
  14. They must go the delicate way between informing children and bored them.
  15. Conceit; in literature, an elaborate poetic metaphor expressing an analogy or parallel between two things or situations that seem totally unlike.
  16. The cures for trouble are to be found in the restoration of proper relationships between the visible and the invisible as well as in the common-sense relief of the observable symptoms of disorder.
  17. While presiding over the Chaco Peace Conference in 1935, he helped to end the war between Bolivia and Paraguay.
  18. What exactly happened between us?
  19. He hovered between life and death.
  20. It happened between eight and ten.
  21. Let’s divide the check between us.
  22. Love grew between Taro and Hanako.
  23. Nagoya is between Tokyo and Osaka.
  24. The gap between them has narrowed.
  25. The kitten is between the puppies.
  26. You should read between the lines.
  27. Between us, he is a little foolish.
  28. I have to choose between these two.
  29. Is there a problem between you two?
  30. Is there a river between two parks?
  31. Leave more space between the lines.
  32. Love began to grow between the two.
  33. There is no link between these two.
  34. You are sitting between Meg and me.
  35. You have to read between the lines.
  36. You need to read between the lines.
  37. He mediated between the two parties.
  38. It is not good to eat between meals.
  39. Let’s try to read between the lines.
  40. Nagoya lies between Tokyo and Osaka.
  41. Donald was sitting between his parents.
  42. We had five dollars left between us.
  43. I know how to read between the lines.
  44. Is everything OK between you and Donald?
  45. Just between us, she’s my girlfriend.
  46. She divided the cake between the two.
  47. There’s a vital link between the two.
  48. What happened between the two of you?
  49. Divide these apples between you three.
  50. Dogs can’t distinguish between colors.
  51. Just between us, that’s my girlfriend.
  52. Just between you and me, he is a liar.
  53. The woman was sitting between two men.
  54. Donald never eats anything between meals.
  55. A hedge between keeps friendship green.
  56. Between the two of them, Ken is taller.
  57. Come to my room between three and four.
  58. He strung a rope between the two trees.
  59. March comes between February and April.
  60. Spring comes between winter and summer.
  61. There is a generation gap between them.
  62. What is the difference between A and B?
  63. You can have breakfast between 7 and 9.
  64. You should start between six and seven.
  65. You shouldn’t eat snacks between meals.
  66. This train runs between Tokyo and Osaka.
  67. What’s the difference between these two?
  68. What’s the difference between cabbage and lettuce?
  69. What’s the difference between football and soccer?
  70. Do you know the difference between right and wrong?
  71. Is eating between meals really bad for your health?
  72. Is there any difference between your idea and hers?
  73. People can easily tell the difference between them.
  74. The elbow is the joint between the arm and forearm.
  75. There is a great difference between boys and girls.
  76. There is a subtle difference between the two words.
  77. Donald held the coin between his thumb and forefinger.
  78. We own a few hundred acres between the three of us.
  79. What’s the difference between a village and a town?
  80. It hurts to know that everything between us is over.
  81. Just between you and me, she is, in fact, a monster.
  82. The difference between the two versions isn’t clear.
  83. The path between the two houses was blocked by snow.
  84. There is little, if any, difference between the two.
  85. There is only a marginal difference between the two.
  86. What’s the difference between a religion and a cult?
  87. He doesn’t know the difference between good and evil.
  88. Is there a shuttle bus between the hotel and airport?
  89. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.
  90. The Rhine is the boundary between France and Germany.
  91. What I’m about to say is strictly between you and me.
  92. What’s the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin?
  93. Between you and me, I don’t like our new team captain.
  94. He does not know the different between right and left.
  95. The distance between stars is measured in light years.
  96. Donald doesn’t know the difference between Iraq and Iran.
  97. What’s the difference between religion and philosophy?
  98. A child develops rapidly between the ages of 13 and 16.
  99. He could not perceive any difference between the twins.
  100. He doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.
  101. It goes without saying that nobody can come between us.
  102. The children sense what’s going on between the parents.
  103. There is a great conflict between religion and science.
  104. Please don’t ask me to choose between you and my family.
  105. The gap between the haves and the have nots is widening.
  106. The newspaper reported friction between the two parties.
  107. There must have been a tacit understanding between them.
  108. What’s the difference between liking and loving someone?
  109. When we started out, we had only 200 dollars between us.
  110. The children sense what is happening between the parents.
  111. There’s a fine line between being frugal and being cheap.
  112. What’s the difference between a hedgehog and a porcupine?
  113. Between you and me, I’m going to quit my present job soon.
  114. Can you tell the difference between granite and sandstone?
  115. He picked up a butterfly between his thumb and forefinger.

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