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Use best-known in a sentence. Sentence for best-known. How to use the word best-known in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word best-known. How to use “best-known” with example sentences.

Definition of best-known

Examples of best-known in a sentence

*** This monument, now in the forecourt of the Schloss Charlottenburg in Potsdam, is one of his best-known works and one of the best exampleĊŸ of German baroque statuary.

*** His best-known work is the operetta The Chocolate Soldier.


*** With the publication of New Principles of Gunnery (1742), his best-known work, he is said to have founded the science of ballistics.

*** Grey published his first book, the novel Betty Zane, in 1904; his best-known historical novel is The Last of the Plainsmen (1908).

*** Anthony Fokker; (1890-1939), Dutch-American aircraft designer and manufacturer, who is best-known for his World War I fighter planes and long-range transport aircraft of the 1920’s.

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