Use Best in a Sentence, How to use “Best” in a sentence


Use Best in a sentence. How to use the word Best in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Best.

Use Best in a Sentence - How to use "Best" in a sentence


Examples of Best in a sentence

  1. We are one of the best company in the field of exporting Agrochemical products in China.
  2. The treatment is best carried out in a specialized unit with a multidisciplinary team specialized in the management of anorexic behavior.
  3. The eighth avatar of Vishnu, in the form of Krishna, is the best known of all, from the fact that it forms the subject of the great Sanskrit epic poem, the Mahâbhârata.
  4. The best known of Goldsmith’s poems, it appeared in May 1770 and went into a 5th edition in August of that year.
  5. Two actresses tied for the best actress award.
  6. The prize for the best actress means that almost overnight was catapulted into the spotlight.
  7. That performance earned her an Oscar for Best Actress.
  8. She is not any actress, she is one of the best.
  9. She is the best-paid actress in Hollywood.
  10. Who received the Oscar for the best actress?
  11. She was widely recognized as the best actress of her generation.
  12. The slice of abalone with oyster sauce is the best in our kitchen.
  13. The abalone slices with oyster sauce are the best in our kitchen.
  14. Will you accept my best wishes for a safe trip?
  15. Acclaimed as the first dramatic bass of his day, he was best known for his interpretation of Leporello in Mozart’s Don Giovanni.
  16. A very pretty and popular plant, the geranium is best known for its red flowers, although some varieties have orange, pink or white blooms.
  17. In the summer, it is best to grow this plant outdoors.
  18. Perhaps the best-known Subsaharan art form is sculpture, particularly woodcarving.
  19. Prehistoric rock paintings and engravings are found over most of Africa, although those of South Africa and the Sahara are best known.
  20. This volume contains two of her best essays, Inconsistency in our Expectations and On Romances.

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