Use Being in a Sentence, How to use “Being” in a sentence


Use Being in a sentence. How to use the word Being in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Being. Sentence for Being.

Use Being in a Sentence - How to use "Being" in a sentence


Examples of being in a sentence

  1. The soldier was disconcerted after being stranded in the desert for four days.
  2. Is terrified of being bitten by a snake.
  3. Miguel exhaled, feeling like Spider was being honest.
  4. Jonadab was surprised, not being a man given to a manifest affection.
  5. Being surprised by opinion polls is like being surprised by blue skies.
  6. A plant does not have the same type of conciousness (vinnana) as a sentient being.
  7. The two most gifted and stylish boxing artists, in their prime the antithesis of the brute fighter, ended up being indistinguishable from the old pugs they were sure they would never become.
  8. In surgery, the ruptured tissues are exposed and then sewn together, the stitches being placed to promote healing and to create an area of strength at the break.
  9. Knight has repeatedly denied being a member of a gang.
  10. But you should be careful when doing this, not being hasty.
  11. Again he occupied the presideney, from 1931-1932, being deposed from office during the latter year.
  12. Besides being foolish, no citizen with a little lucidity can believe some arguments that are unfeasible.
  13. Hystaspes, besides being a noble of the court, was also, as almost all nobles were in those days, an officer of the army.
  14. This point is central in moments where it is being discussed who were informed about the crimes confessed before the Court of Honor by José “Nino” Gavazzo; prosecuted for the commission of 28 homicides especially aggravated during the dictatorship.
  15. Just before Christ he goes back to 31 BC through his protagonist Manio Sempronio (Julian Lopez), a lazy and neurotic man who will try to clean the honor of his family and return to Rome after being banished to a military camp in Thrace.
  16. With his arrival we will live the particular surrealist panorama of the day to day of an era portrayed in the purest Cuerda style, which ends up being one of his greatest risks and virtues.
  17. Rollo felt very much rejoiced at hearing this prescription, though still he looked very sober; for he felt somewhat awed and restrained by being in the doctor’s office.

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