Use Begun in a Sentence, How to use “Begun” in a sentence


Use Begun in a sentence. How to use the word Begun in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Begun.

Use Begun in a Sentence - How to use "Begun" in a sentence


Examples of Begun in a sentence

  1. In 1821, Saverio Mercadante’s opera Elisa e Claudio had been written for Lablache, whose operatic fame, which had begun in Italy, soon spread throughout Europe.
  2. The building, begun in 1695, has richly decorated apartments in the rococo style.
  3. Major features of the vast park, planned by Ferdinand von Hohenberg and begun in 1765, are a botanical garden, a menagerie, and a gloriette (columned arcade).
  4. In fact, many relatively imperishable art forms in terracotta and metal are known, but study of their histories has barely begun.
  5. The authorities said that they had already begun the investigation at that time.
  6. We have begun to collect that information and will cooperate fully
  7. The presentation of the Oscars this year has officially begun.
  8. He had begun to make healthy gains in Chapter 13.
  9. Already, she has begun the transition from scholar to politician.
  10. The poll had barely begun when the Republicans arrived in the city.
  11. It says here that the 1994 political campaign has officially begun.
  12. Our daughter had begun to understand the seriousness of the situation.
  13. We have only begun to understand this ancestor and his environment
  14. In fact, said Ricketts, his work has just begun.
  15. Stalin had lowered the curtain and the Cold War had begun.
  16. Medical students have begun to create their own electronic study aids.
  17. Wounded by their minority role, the Democrats have begun to fight.
  18. His research team has begun to map the specific neurons involved.
  19. Hitler was dead and the 10 days of miracles had begun.
  20. Mrs . Fudge’s achievements have begun to attract attention.
  21. The first small steps towards the privatization of state property have begun.
  22. The problems with his family, however, had just begun.
  23. The measures have begun to bear fruit, say crime experts.

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