Use becoming in a sentence

Use becoming in a sentence. How to use the word becoming in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word becoming. How to use “becoming” with example Sentences

Definition of becoming

Examples of becoming in a sentence

*** As a student, she had dreamed of becoming an actress.

*** She gradually surrendered her dream of becoming an actress.

*** At last she realized her dream of becoming an actress.

*** The two zygotes each form a boundary wall, becoming oocysts.

*** Jezrael could feel her shame accumulating physical impulse inside her, becoming nauseous.

*** But is this in danger of becoming false?

*** Thus, in many places it is becoming a custom for the congregation to join the doxology, whether recited or sung.

*** Under the impetus of the global wave of green consumption, environmental services, as a new form of services, is fast becoming the focus of the global green market.

*** Gilbert Abbott รข Beckett, born in London on Jan. 9, 1811, was a lawyer before becoming a writer.

*** In 1917 he went to the United States, becoming keeper of Indian and Muhammadan art in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

*** The term adhesion is sometimes used with the same meaning as accession but more properly with the implication that the adhering state accepts the principles of the treaty without becoming a party bound by its detailed obligations and entitled to its rights.

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