Use Becoming in a Sentence and How is “Becoming” used in English?


Explore the concept of becoming and its significance in personal development. Learn how the word ‘becoming’ is used in English and the rules governing its usage. Discover 30 sample sentences showcasing the versatile use of ‘becoming’ in everyday language.

Use Becoming in a Sentence and How is “Becoming” used in English?


Definition of Becoming

“Becoming” refers to the process of transformation, development, or change that an individual undergoes in order to evolve into a different state, condition, or identity. It encompasses the journey of personal growth, self-discovery, and self-actualization, where individuals move from one state of being to another, often with the aim of fulfilling their potential or pursuing a desired outcome. Becoming involves a series of experiences, challenges, and choices that shape an individual’s character, values, beliefs, and aspirations, leading to a new sense of identity or a shift in one’s perspective on life. It can apply to various aspects of human existence, such as personal, professional, emotional, or spiritual growth. Overall, becoming represents the dynamic nature of human life and the ongoing process of transformation that individuals engage in throughout their lives.

How is “Becoming” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Becoming”?

In English, the term “becoming” can be used in several different ways, depending on the context. Here are a few common uses and rules of usage:

  1. Adjective: “Becoming” can function as an adjective to describe something that is flattering, suitable, or appropriate for a person. It typically refers to something that enhances a person’s appearance, behavior, or character. For example:
    • She wore a becoming dress to the party.
    • The hairstyle is very becoming on you.
  2. Gerund: “Becoming” can also function as a gerund, which is a verb form ending in “-ing” that functions as a noun. As a gerund, “becoming” represents the process or act of transformation or change. For example:
    • Her becoming a doctor was a long-held dream.
    • The becoming of a butterfly is a fascinating metamorphosis.
  3. Verb: While less common, “becoming” can be used as a verb, meaning the act of coming into existence or developing into a particular state or condition. However, this usage is somewhat archaic or poetic. For example:
    • The caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

When using “becoming” as an adjective, it generally follows the verb “to be” or other copulative verbs like “look,” “appear,” or “seem.” It is often used to describe someone’s appearance or behavior in a positive or flattering way. As with other adjectives, it can also be modified by adverbs like “very,” “quite,” or “extremely.”

It’s important to note that the rules of usage can vary depending on the specific context or sentence structure. However, these guidelines should help you understand the common ways “becoming” is used in English.


Examples of becoming in a sentence

Here are 30 sample sentences using “becoming“:

  1. She is becoming more skilled in cooking.
  2. The garden is becoming more beautiful every day.
  3. He is becoming a better person after facing challenges.
  4. The company is becoming more competitive.
  5. She is becoming a famous actress.
  6. The weather is becoming warmer.
  7. He is becoming more knowledgeable about the subject.
  8. The city is becoming a popular tourist destination.
  9. She is becoming a successful businesswoman.
  10. The relationship is becoming stronger.
  11. He is becoming a valuable member of the team.
  12. The company is becoming a leader in the industry.
  13. She is becoming an expert in her field.
  14. The community is becoming more diverse.
  15. He is becoming more comfortable with public speaking.
  16. The market is becoming more stable.
  17. She is becoming a well-known musician.
  18. The technology is becoming more advanced.
  19. He is becoming more confident in his abilities.
  20. The economy is becoming stronger.
  21. She is becoming a respected member of the community.
  22. The situation is becoming clearer.
  23. He is becoming more successful in his career.
  24. The environment is becoming cleaner.
  25. She is becoming a great role model.
  26. The education system is becoming more accessible.
  27. He is becoming more fit after joining the gym.
  28. The company is becoming more profitable.
  29. She is becoming a popular speaker.
  30. The nation is becoming more progressive.

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