Use Because in a Sentence, How to use “Because” in a sentence


Use Because in a sentence. How to use the word Because in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Because. Sentence for Because.

Use Because in a Sentence - How to use "Because" in a sentence


Definition of Because

  1. for the reason that.
  2. used to introduce a word or phrase that represents a clause that expresses an explanation or reason.

Examples of Because in a sentence

  1. Because some combat effectiveness indices that are related to human behavior are difficult to quantify with the belief function to explore undefined problems.
  2. They look for an accountant because an accountant needs a good name and, in any case, has partially had control over the funds.
  3. Cato was an extraordinary success—primarily because contemporary audiences thought they recognized references to current political rivalries.
  4. This is a considerable responsibility given to man, because the Creator is a rather aloof and distant being, not normally given to interference in the affairs of men.
  5. We can not leave because of the rain.
  6. His writings were sharpened and became more poignant because of his problems.
  7. Because the Pharisees were the predominant sect, few Sadducee writings have survived.
  8. Abortion rates are high because the availability of contraceptives is limited.
  9. This should not happen because antbirds feed mainly on termites, not on ants.
  10. I think the anteater is more or less on target: Sunstein chooses to use the phrase to represent a collection of ideas that are being discussed by conservatives, not because they actually use them themselves.
  11. I question this term because that implies a pathological condition or a disease.
  12. He escaped with a fairly light sentence because it was his first conviction.
  13. She was invited to speak especially because of her experience in the center of the cities.
  14. Insomnia, will be seen from the function of physiology, because the inhibition of the pallium is reduced, it is, and the excited action keeps the result in vigorous state however.
  15. Because the core of the pot was immersed in polyurethane, the unwanted gap was permanently fixed.

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