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Use Became in a sentence. How to use the word Became in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Became.

Definition of Became

Examples of Became in a sentence

*** At 17 he entered Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated senior wrangler in mathematics and became a fellow of the college in 1842.

*** But when he saw Alex, the Professor became angry.

*** He had wanted to turn back when the weather became bad.

*** Abidjan became an important port when completion of the Vridi Canal in 1950 opened it to direct shipping.

*** When the Turks ruled Abkhazia in the 1600’s and 1700’s, Islam became the established religion.

*** Abkhazia became a separate Soviet republic in 1921, joined the USSR in 1922, and was made part of the Georgian republic in 1930.

*** After the death of Chancellor Giovanni Poggio Bracciolini in 1458, Accolti became chancellor of the Florentine republic.

*** In 1945 he became research professor of psychology and director of the Laboratory of Personality Assessment at the University of Illinois.

*** The Safavid order, founded in 1301, became a revolutionary Müslim Shiite movement in the 15th century.

*** In 1948, Clifford became special counsel to the President and was a prominent figure in the strategy group that ran Truman’s successful 1948 campaign.

*** As the population and the amount of land planted in cotton increased, Egypt became an importer of foodstuffs.

*** The press continued to flourish under British rule and became a vehicle of nationalist propaganda, its most skilled practitioner, the nationalist leader Mustafa Kamil, published al-Liwa, which was said to have a circulation of 10,000 in 1905.

*** “Eurasian” became a derogatory term in India, and “Anglo-Indian” was substituted.

*** In 1931 he returned to Malaya and became a district officer in civil service.

*** In 1830 he made his first appearances in London and Paris in Domenico Cimarosa’s Matrimonio segreto, and six years later became Queen Victoria’s singing master.

*** He graduated from Union College in 1856 and became a teacher.

*** In 1704 he became rector of Langford.

*** At the age of 17, he went to Paris where he became laboratory assistant to Louis N. Vauquelin.

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