Use Bear in a Sentence, How to use “Bear” in a sentence


Use Bear in a sentence. How to use the word Bear in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Bear. Sentence for Bear.

Use Bear in a Sentence - How to use "Bear" in a sentence


Examples of bear in a sentence

  1. I can’t bear her.
  2. I should love to see a bear here.
  3. I would bear it like a hero.
  4. I should like to see you taking hold of a bear.
  5. Most species of Acarina lay eggs, although a few bear their young alive.
  6. Trust is reposed in them, which may be greater or less, as they are able to bear.
  7. Are those in positions of responsibility at Bear Stearns blameless?
  8. Always bear in mind, then, when you are devoting your time to two or three individuals in a class, that your are losing a large part of your labor.
  9. Weaknesses and foibles met with unmerciful severity, and well-meaning intentions and kind actions did not always escape without the keen sarcasm which it is so difficult for the best regulated mind to bear unmoved.
  10. I believe there are very few instances where the parents would not be glad to have the Bible read from time to time, its geographical and historical meanings illustrated, and its moral lessons brought to bear upon the hearts and lives of their children.
  11. Let every one be filled with expressions relating to school, so that it will bear upon every sentence the impression that it is the petition of a teacher and his pupils at the throne of grace.
  12. Charles, didn’t you hear that dreadful noise just now? Wasn’t it a bear?
  13. He must, consequently, limit his hours of attending to his business, or his health will soon sink under labors which Providence never intended the human mind to bear.
  14. It was near the end of March, and the snow had become so consolidated by the warm sun in the days, and the hard frosts at night, that it would bear the children to walk upon it.


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