Use Basically in a Sentence, How to use “Basically” in a sentence


Use Basically in a sentence. How to use the word Basically in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Basically. Sentence for Basically.

Use Basically in a Sentence - How to use "Basically" in a sentence

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Examples of Basically in a sentence

  1. So basically Depp had quite a shoe to fill in.
  2. It basically ceases to exist.
  3. Fuel is basically any substance that generates chemical or nuclear energy.
  4. Basically, it was just a spark, and did nothing more,” he said.
  5. The village has remained basically unchanged for over 300 years.
  6. So basically, it’s a give and take process that will benefit both parties.
  7. Known as a “lingua franca,” each of these consisted basically of one African language that became useful for trade and other communication in a large region.
  8. Saleen also provided his S281 car (basically a modified Ford Mustang) to serve as an alternative Barricade mode.
  9. Epidemiology in subtropical areas is basically similar to that of temperate zones, except that the seasonal timing of events is different.
  10. A circle is basically a group of parents who share child care tasks with each other, on a rotating basis.
  11. That is basically a situation where a non-potable substance is inadvertently introduced into a potable water supply.
  12. With how much stuff she had, she needed a house that’s basically her office.
  13. Copying the old masters at the Louvre, he developed a basically conservative style that enabled him to preserve almost photographically the likenesses of his avant-garde friends.
  14. The first day at work basically means little sleep, dressing in your nicest shirt, and pulling off your very best self that often overpromises and underdelivers when looking at it in retrospective.
  15. I think at a time when other indie labels are trying to grow and almost become closer to what a major label would be, we’ve basically kept our overhead low.
  16.  It’s basically a must-have if you spend your nights hand-washing an endless pile of dishes.

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