Use Basic in a Sentence, How to use “Basic” in a sentence


Use Basic in a sentence. How to use the word Basic in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Basic. Sentence for Basic.

Use Basically in a Sentence - How to use "Basically" in a sentence

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Examples of basic in a sentence

  1. The polysilicon micro – cantilever is a basic structure in MEMS.
  2. We know that, after a colour filters, color – keyed version has its basic colors and contrast color.
  3. The basic concept of integral calculus is an indefinite integral circular function and the definite integral.
  4. Examination of a body of proverbs will provide significant insight into the basic value system of the culture of which it is a part.
  5. The rate of chromosomal aberration in workers who work in basic hospitals (0.421%) was higher than those who work in higher level hospitals (0.083%).
  6. Of the basic materials has passed, birch, pine, paulownia and others.
  7. No one expects a newborn baby to go out and find a job before learning basic life skills and getting an education.
  8. The legal power to administer the country is the basic mode under the new historical condition.
  9. Victor Vasarely, the founder of the op art movement, once said: “In basic research, intellectual rigor and sentimental freedom necessarily alternate.”
  10. Systematic desensitization, as a basic form of behavior, helps to get rid of anxiety and to calm it down.
  11. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are all basic operations.
  12. The purpose is to reinforce the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  13. Translated Description : To strengthen our province Higher non – computer professional teaching basic computer courses, improve teaching quality.
  14. The theory of formal concept analysis ( FCA ) starts from the basic data form called context.
  15. On the governing equation basic and its basic solution, inner point and boundary integral equation was set by weighted residual quantity.
  16. Also the three basic rules of the tropical cyclone motion are derived solution of governing equation.
  17. Modern design based on this, put the idea on “human-centered” into basic practice of ” humanized design “.


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