Use Barrel in a Sentence, How to use “Barrel” in a sentence


Use Barrel in a sentence. How to use the word Barrel in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Barrel.

Use Barrel in a Sentence - How to use "Barrel" in a sentence


Examples of Barrel in a sentence

  1. For a more realistic appearance, it simulated the Bokeh effect, the barrel distortion of the camera, the noise and the chromatic aberration of the lens
  2. The influence of the initial separations of the cartridge housing and the barrel is also discussed.
  3. A rotten apple ruins the entire barrel.
  4. An empty barrel makes more noise than a full barrel.
  5. A barrel swells in the middle.
  6. They planned to barrel the beer next Sunday.
  7. He pushed the barrel of the gun into the other man’s open mouth.
  8. Use this wad of cloth to cover the barrel.
  9. Life is not exactly a barrel of laughter at this time.
  10. I felt the gun barrel in my head.
  11. That’s a barrel to catch rainwater.
  12. The manager had us more than one barrel, or we worked on a Saturday or we lost our jobs.
  13. Donald found himself looking at the barrel of a gun.
  14. They have us in the barrel. Either we accept your terms or we lose the money.
  15. They threw the barrel and put it in the truck.
  16. That opening of the barrel must be tied at once.
  17. We had to scrape the barrel to get a full team, and then we lost 6-1.
  18. I have inclined the barrel to empty it.
  19. He found himself looking at the barrel of a gun.
  20. I took three pints of beer from the barrel.
  21. The price of oil had dropped to $ 21 per barrel.
  22. The children were invited to put their hands in the barrel for a gift.
  23. I took a pint of beer out of the barrel.
  24. This barrel can store 35 gallons of red wine.
  25. The man rolled the barrel in the yard.
  26. They are charging an exorbitant price for fixing the car, but they have exceeded the barrel because we can not do without it.

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