Use Bar in a Sentence, How to use “Bar” in a sentence


Use Bar in a sentence. How to use the word Bar in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Bar. Sentence for Bar.

Use Bar in a Sentence - How to use "Bar" in a sentence

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Examples of bar in a sentence

  1. The connecting kevlar bar prevents unwanted movements and twists.
  2. It also includes a morning bar for those lazy weekends.
  3. Hold the bar with an alternate grip, that is, one palm facing outward and one facing inward.
  4. He’d been in the bar all night and was thoroughly intoxicated.
  5. The state bar later investigated and said the attorneys had done nothing wrong.
  6. An elbow bar frame acceleration test system set is based on the material test of the MW1050 auto-lock die cutter while loading or not.
  7. The fall bar must be able to fall through the rope with sufficient speed to impart the force necessary for detonation.
  8. There was a small dark bar that was leaning on the rails, and he called me.
  9. He was admitted to the New Hampshire bar in 1827 but moved to Newfield, Me., to practice law.
  10. Actually, the Irishman, born and raised in Carlow County, was a hairdresser who met the singer of Queen in a gay bar in the 1980s, according to an interview that Hutton did with The Times of London in 2006.
  11. There is a small bar of wood, with both ends sharpened, and made of such a length as just to reach from the notch in the end of the box, to the notch in the spindle.
  12. This bar is the apparatus to which the end of the string is fastened, as before described.
  13. When the trap is to be set, the bar is fitted to the notches in such a manner as to catch in them, and then the weight of the lid, being sustained by the string, the lid is held up so that the squirrel can go in.


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