Bankrupt in a sentence

Use bankrupt in a sentence. Sentence for bankrupt. How to use the word bankrupt in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word bankrupt. How to use “bankrupt” with example sentences.

Definition of bankrupt

Examples of bankrupt in a sentence

*** Peru was bankrupt, and Lima partly in ruins.

*** Some people work for a bankrupt company; Some people invest early in Rank Xerox.

*** If we do not increase our sales dramatically in the next few months, we will go bankrupt.

*** The company went bankrupt due to its inability to adequately promote its product.

*** If you continue to spend more money than we are bringing, you will declare us bankrupt within a year.

*** After the company went bankrupt, the bank eliminated its assets to pay off an outstanding loan.

*** Discussion question: Should the government help large corporations that are in danger of going bankrupt?

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