Use Bank in a Sentence – How to use “Bank” in a sentence


Use Bank in a sentence. How to use the word Bank in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Bank. Sentence for Bank.

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Definition of Bank

  1. the land on the side or descending into a river or lake.
  2. a slope, mass or mound of a particular substance.
  3. a set or series of similar things, especially electrical or electronic devices, grouped in rows.
  4. the cushion of a pool table.

Examples of Bank in a sentence

  • These bank employees seem so politely insolent lately.
  • The bank refuses to accept responsibility for the error.
  • The expected return on a bank robbery is positive.
  • I’m an accountant, the bank has called me and my duty is with the bank.
  • At this point, the accountant made a broker, with all my bank statements, expenses and receipts.
  • The bank will investigate the circumstances surrounding the theft.
  • Ball maintains the somber look of prerequisite, but is clearly happy to be behind his bank of electronic equipment.
  • In the secondary birch forest, the Pinus sylvestris forest and the Korean pine forest, the horizontal distribution of the soil seed bank is expressed as a grouped distribution.
  • Investment bank in relation to postal insurance, the distribution of risk, such as the type of investment in universal insurance sales of insurance products, the existence of deceptive behavior of the insurance consumer.
  • The only sign of apparent financial distress has been a largely unexplained injection of capital of $ 2.5 billion by the Bank of China in its Hong Kong subsidiary.
  • As a result, the bank can recover the loan and the securities subsidiary earns a subscription fee.
  • In 2022, his bank foreclosed his 7,300-square-foot mansion worth $2.5 million, located in southern Manisa.
  • He soon got tired of picking up the stones one by one, and so he sat down upon the bank to try to devise some better means of accomplishing his work.


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