Use Bad in a Sentence, How to use “Bad” in a sentence


Use Bad in a sentence. How to use the word Bad in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Bad. Sentence for Bad.

Use Bad in a Sentence - How to use "Bad" in a sentence


Examples of bad in a sentence

  1. Some people think that owls are bad luck.
  2. I am convinced, however, that it is a very bad plan even here.
  3. I think a boy who uses bad language of any kind does what he knows is wrong.
  4. He does what he knows would be displeasing to his parents, and he sets a bad example.
  5. After some unnecessary shoving and pushing, increased by the disorderly conduct of a few bad boys, a line is formed.
  6. In fact, in many cases you punish them more; for I believe it is almost invariably more unpleasant for a good boy to stand by and listen to rebukes, than for a bad boy to take them.
  7. If your office does this, it is not a bad idea to volunteer to be included in the rotation.
  8. He could have said a bad word or, at least, let out some kind of yuletide scream.
  9. After 3 years they have only shipped out 400 cameras and had to declare bankruptcy, but the news is not all bad for those who supported the project.
  10. If in the dream the blackened silver is a bad omen that suggests that we should not carry out financial transactions for a while.
  11. But despite the hefty income over the years, many have not been able to manage their money well or have made bad financial choices, which landed them in a mess.
  12. In an interview for podcast “Divorce Sucks! With Laura Wasser,” Kate said that she learned an important lesson from her mom, who had never said a bad word about her father in front of Kate.
  13. I do not make these remarks to show that it is of no consequence whether scholars have good or bad pens, but only that this subject deserves very much less of the time and attention of the teacher than it usually receives.


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