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Use Back in a sentence. How to use the word Back in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Back.

Definition of Back

Examples of Back in a sentence

*** I am eager to go back to New York.

*** After the blooming, cut back your plant and repot it in good soil.

*** In the spring cut back branches that are denuded or too long and at the same time repot your plant.

*** He decided that the cuisine of the home state was the only way back.

*** I came back because of the rain.

*** Leonore walked unhurriedly to the kitchen, aware of Kruger’s eyes fixed on his back.

*** The Arimaspians used to steal the gold-dust at the hottest time of day, when the griffins were underground sheltering from the sun, and then ride away on she-camels which had young foals at home and were anxious to get back to them.

*** The threads of written literature also trace their course back into the past.

*** Regression therapy may also involve taking a patient back to the uterus.

*** Many phrases in the language go back to the first religious scriptures.

*** In this paper, the flat-field polychromator (SPD-I) using a flat-level holographic concave diffraction grating corrected for aberration as a spectroscopic and optical imaging element is put back into operation.

*** You can not keep using your bad back as an excuse.

*** We do not attend anything of our just demands: not a jot or tilde we back down.

*** Wind the film back into the cartridge before opening the camera.

*** He stopped next to a man wearing a T-shirt, in addition to four legs, cartridge belt and baseball cap from back to front.

*** The back of this snake is mottled.

*** Do not move, there’s a spider on your back.

*** I was going to ask what was going on, but Spider took him back to the dark street.

*** Lack of major party support to back his right-of-center politics, which borrowed some moderate-left proposals, hindered his effectiveness.

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