Use Await in a Sentence, How to use “Await” in a sentence


Use Await in a sentence. How to use the word Await in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Await. Sentence for Await.

Use Await in a Sentence - How to use "Await" in a sentence

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Examples of await in a sentence

  1. When they hear the command, “Fall in,” they know they are expected to stand in line and await orders.
  2. They did not, however, intend to remain within the city, and await the attack of the assailants there.
  3. Much more complicated is outlined, a priori, in the case of beating Genil Bridge, the duel that will await the Barca in the semifinals, where those of Xavi Pascual will be measured with the winner of the tie (14:00) between the BM .
  4. The humid Californian sun reappears and bounces furiously on the metal of the thousands of trailers that await in the desperate line.
  5. She persuaded the king, therefore, to give up his weapons and go with her to an altar, in one of the courts of the palace,–a place which it would be sacrilege for their enemies to violate–and there patiently and submissively to await the end.
  6. A plan was proposed for removing the women from the city, in order to save them from the terrible fate which would inevitably await them, should the army of Pyrrhus be successful on the following day.
  7. Great commanders, in returning from their victorious campaigns, were obliged to halt and encamp at some distance from the gates, and there await the orders of the Roman Senate.
  8. The plan which Richard had formed for conveying his expedition to the Holy Land was to embark it on board a fleet of ships which he was sending round to Marseilles for this purpose, with orders to await him there.
  9. He accordingly stationed his troops and his galleys at their posts and established himself in his tent, quietly to await the result.


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