Use Authority in a Sentence, How to use “Authority” in a sentence


Use Authority in a sentence. How to use the word Authority in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Authority. Sentence for Authority.

Use Authority in a Sentence - How to use "Authority" in a sentence

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Examples of Authority in a sentence

  1. Arnold Dolmetsch; (1858-1940), English authority on old music and musical instruments.
  2. She decided to visit this dark realm, which belonged to her enemy and sister goddess, Ereshkigal, ‘the mistress of dearth’, and assert her own authority there.
  3. At stake was a fundamental challenge for the authority of the football bodies to administer the sport without the intervention of the civil courts.
  4. However, Glover never established his authority, and Cary returned to power in 1708.
  5. The ephors also seem to have had authority over the noncitizen inhabitants of Laconıa and Messenia, controlling them by means of their secret poliçe force, the crypteia.
  6. If, however, exactness and precision in all the operations of a class and of the school are introduced and enforced in the proper manner, that is, by a firm, but mild and good-humored authority, scholars will universally be pleased with them.
  7. If I can but interest the boys in reform, it will be far more easy to effect it than if I attempt to accomplish it by the mere exercise of my authority.
  8. The teacher interfered, and by the united influence of authority, management, and persuasion, succeeded in effecting a rescue.
  9. It will assist very much, too, in securing cheerful, good-humored obedience to the regulations of the school, if you extend their authority over yourself.
  10. The teacher must, indeed, in all his intercourse with his pupils, never forget his station, nor allow them to lay aside the respect, without which authority can not be maintained.
  11. He may be several days in gathering around him the circumstances of which he is ultimately to avail himself in bringing him to submission; but, while he proceeds thus slowly and tenderly, he must come with the air of authority and power.

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