Use attributed in a sentence

Use attributed in a sentence. How to use the word attributed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word attributed. How to use “attributed” with example sentences

Definition of attributed

Examples of attributed in a sentence

*** The shortage of rice is attributed to the lack of rain.

*** “Historically, we know that Napoleon had a toothache in 1816 and this was attributed to an inflammation of the mouth diagnosed as scurvy,” said evaluator Chris Albury.


*** The acceleration in the decline of the manufacturing industry is attributed to the high value of the pound sterling.

*** The police and the villagers unanimously attributed the forest fire to thunder and lightning.

*** No mention of him after 1481 has been found.

*** Beliefs of a Madonna and Child attributed to Agostino are in the Louvre, Paris, and the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.


*** Works in Siena attributed to Agostino and Agnolo, or to their famous workshop, include a number of statues in the Opera del Duomo.

*** They supervised the rigid training of the Spartan youth and saw to it that all Spartans lived by the disciplinary rules attributed to Lycurgus.

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