Use Attractive in a Sentence & How to use “Attractive” in a sentence


Use Attractive in a sentence. How to use the word Attractive in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Attractive.

Use Attractive in a Sentence - How to use "Attractive" in a sentence


Examples of Attractive in a sentence

  1. From spring the fall, the plant is covered with small, very attractive flowers.
  2. In addition, the expectation of an indefinite number of future meetings means that deception or conflict are much less attractive options.
  3. For an attractive planting, put five to seven stems in one pot.
  4. The brightly colored packaging made the pens especially attractive to children.
  5. It is the most attractive landscape in Latin America.
  6. A couple who dined the other Friday report that the food and the atmosphere are as attractive as ever.
  7. However, he cautions that this can be misleading, especially if the interest includes an extremely attractive bonus.
  8. Relatively few sites are so attractive that netizens make a point to visit every day.
  9. Your feminism has to do with becoming the most attractive, invulnerable and convincing object you can.
  10. As the romantic drama evolves, the pariah soon becomes the most attractive character.
  11. It did not seem strange that the metro had more attractive things than the famous city above.
  12. Moore’s reasons for thinking that there can be no organic totalities are not very attractive.
  13. The photopolymer is a new material for holographic storage; It has a series of attractive properties such as high diffraction efficiency, relatively simple manufacturing process and long persistence.
  14. High potential talent in China is attracted to companies that offer long-term attractive career paths, and it stays that way.
  15. Motorola’s software strategy is based on open and proven platforms that allow attractive consumer experiences.
  16. They will be the most attractive and seductive element of the style.
  17. Four hundred species of flowers, including Indian brushes, poppy poppies, flowering herbs and the most attractive flowers of all: the bluebonnet, the flower of the state of Texas.
  18. Flamingos can try to look more attractive to potential partners by using makeup.

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