Use Attack in a Sentence, How to use “Attack” in a sentence


Use Attack in a sentence. How to use the word Attack in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Attack. Sentence for Attack.

Use Attack in a Sentence - How to use "Attack" in a sentence

Examples of Attack in a sentence

  1. Any attack by a foreign power will inevitably unite the people of a country.
  2. For instance, special alloys are used to cover the front and door of a money safe to provide protection against attack with a carbide drill.
  3. In July 1972, Sadat ordered the expulsion of most of the Soviet advisers and technicians from Egypt, and in October 1973 he launehed an attack against the Israelis on the east bank of the Suez Canal.
  4. Antiaircraft weapon: piece of artillery fired from the ground or ship in defense against air attack.
  5. The air raids directed against the objectives of Hamas and Islamic Jihad are called the most powerful Israeli attack in territory populated by Palestinians since the Six Day War of 1967.
  6. As a typical problem of cooperative control, the simultaneous arrival of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) finds its application in training flight, cooperative attack, etc.
  7. In view of a certain type of laser-guided aerial bomb, conclusions are drawn from the simulation and calculation of the aerial bomb attack area under typical conditions.
  8. The hierarchy of an air attack target threat assessment model in the air defense system is established using the hierarchy analysis method, and the cost weighting coefficient is obtained.
  9. If you are planning a risky air attack with a high-ranking character, the healing potion might be a good idea.
  10. Aerial reconnaissance of the enemy’s position showed that they were ready to attack.
  11. General Hausken had not ruled out the possibility of an air attack.
  12.  She launched a scorching attack on her boss.
  13. His writings and public prayers constantly attack Protestantism and blame the Reformation for many evils.
  14. “Such writings suggest that these satellites, and navigation and early warning satellites,” could be among the initial targets of attack to blind and deafen the enemy, “he said.
  15. A more sustained attack on the impact of advertising on the press can be found in the writings of Michael Trump.

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