Use At in a Sentence – How to use “At” in a sentence


Use At in a sentence. How to use the word At in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word At.

Use At in a Sentence - How to use "At" in a sentence


Examples of At in a sentence

  1. The stem, with the petioles that surround it, is cut close to the ground, usually at the time of flowering.
  2. At once, Donald ordered the ship to be turned, and once more the Luckybird was fighting her way against the strong wind.
  3. At weekends, Donald did not look for work.
  4. At one time Yokohama specialized in the export of raw silk to the United States and other Occidental countries and was known as the “silk port.”
  5. The waves and the days rolled by, and the life-buoy made out of the coffin still swung at the stern.
  6. At the end of the 19th century the Balkan states increased the exploitation of their mineral resources and initiated a degree of industrialization.
  7. Musicians and dancers were often called on to entertain at lavish banquets given by the wealthy for their friends.
  8. Palace at Peterhof, built for Peter the Great on the baroque pattern of Versailles.
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  10. The sabbat could take place on almost any day of the week. It began shortly before midnight and ended at dawn.
  11. If you do not abide the rules at school, you will be punished.
  12. It is impossible to dare to walk in the graveyard at night.
  13. When I told them my plan, they looked at me as if I was mad.
  14. He’s useless at maths now because he didn’t pay enough attention at school.
  15. We usually go out at weekends, but we don’t often go out during the week.
  16. Production at the factory was seriously affected during the strike.
  17. At the time of her election, the prime minister was at the zenith of her career.
  18. His interview with Professor Pritchett was at eleven o’clock.
  19. The Temple of Bacchus is the best preserved of the Roman temples at Baalbek.
  20. He arrived at the Museum of Natural Science at a quarter-past ten.
  21. Donald looked at the skeletons.
  22. Born at Richmond, Surrey, on Aug. 16, 1821, Cayley spent his fîrst eight years chiefly in St. Petersburg (now Leningrad), Russia, where his father was a merchant.

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