Use Asynchronous in a Sentence, How to use “Asynchronous” in a sentence


Use Asynchronous in a sentence. How to use the word Asynchronous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Asynchronous. Sentence for Asynchronous.

Use Asynchronous in a Sentence - How to use "Asynchronous" in a sentence


Examples of Asynchronous in a sentence

  1. Asynchronous communication is the relay of information with a time lag.
  2. In essence, asynchronous learning doesn’t hinder learners by place or time.
  3. Experts argue that asynchronous learning is a valuable tool, especially now.
  4. Asynchronous communication is characterized by a lag between sending and receiving messages.
  5. Asynchronous classes are just the opposite.
  6. Asynchronous communication is when two (or more) people can communicate without the requirement that they be “present” at the same exact moment in time.
  7. Successful online learning environments combine synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods.
  8. This codelab teaches you how to write asynchronous code using futures and the async and await keywords.
  9. On the other hand, asynchronous learning does not occur in real time.
  10. The benefits of an asynchronous e-classroom setup, beyond time and place flexibility, include the fact that students can scan, search, and re-watch lectures.
  11. When choosing an online learning program, schools must first decide whether to use a synchronous or asynchronous learning platform.
  12. When we talk about asynchronous instruction, we mean instruction that was created previously and stored digitally in the cloud.
  13. Asynchronous courses are made up of prebuilt course components, allowing students to complete them at the time and pace of their choosing.
  14. See recommended tips and strategies for faculty wanting to create a more fulfilling and interactive asynchronous online learning environment.
  15. Asynchronous learning provides students with a high degree of flexibility and autonomy.
  16. Use the basic building blocks of engaging asynchronous courses.
  17. In asynchronous classes the learning is self-paced (although there are deadlines) and students do not have to be present (virtually or otherwise) at the same time.
  18. The hallmark of asynchronous learning activities is that students do not participate at the same time.

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