Use Assumed in a Sentence, How to use “Assumed” in a sentence


Use Assumed in a sentence. How to use the word Assumed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Assumed. Sentence for Assumed.

Use Assumed in a Sentence - How to use "Assumed" in a sentence

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Examples of Assumed in a sentence

  1. In the ensuing years he assumed cabinet posts and served three times as premier.
  2. In 1901, he returned to Spain where he assumed several positions of responsibility.
  3. Remus was very little disposed to acquiesce in his brother’s assumed superiority over him.
  4. Said to have lived to a very great age, Nestor was the son of Neleus, who assumed power in Messenia and built a palace at Pylos.
  5. As Rollo said this, his face assumed an expression of great solicitude, and Nathan began to cry.
  6. The next year he assumed command against Ostend, which had been besieged unsuccessfully for three years, and captured the city in 1604.
  7. In the restricted problem of three bodies, one body is assumed to have a mass so small that it does not affect the motions of the other two, which move around one another in circular orbits.
  8. As the scholars raise their heads from the posture of reverence which they have assumed, they pause a moment till the regulator lets down the Study Card, and the sound of its bell is the signal that our duties at school are ended for the day.
  9. He immediately determined to make her his bride; and to secure this object he assumed the form of a very finely shaped and beautiful bull, and in this guise joined himself to Agenor’s herds of cattle.
  10. We remember that the ruling nation of India called themselves Arya, and this name compared with Airya and Ariya shows us that the nations of Iran assumed the same title with very little difference.
  11. The Persians may have assumed it after they became the ruling people in Iran and Hither Asia.


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