Use Associated in a Sentence – How to use “Associated” in a sentence


Use Associated in a sentence. How to use the word Associated in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Associated. Sentence for Associated.

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Examples of associated in a sentence

  1. With the linear regression method, the paper discusses the factors associated with the adjuster’s ability to operate.
  2. external stye: an external stye (stye) is a small acute staphylococcal abscess of an eyelash follicle and its associated gland of Moll’s Zeis.
  3. He was associated with a heavy, melodramatic and, often, sentimental style of acting.
  4. With fusion fusion, a small axial core compensates. It originates from a modification of the index in the core region due to the thermal treatment associated with the splicing process.
  5. Â BECKETT, a family of English writers associated with the early days of the British humor magazine Punch.
  6. In furniture and accessories designed to be produced inexpensively by standard manufacturing methods, he exploited materials not at the time associated with interior decoration, such as aluminum, natural fibers, copper, and bleached maple.
  7. In cases of associated esophageal inflammations this canal to the stomach appears to shorten, pulling the stomach into a permanent chest location.
  8. complications A serious, common complication is bleeding either from the walls of the hernia itself or from an associated esophageal ulcer.
  9. His research was almost always associated with biologically important organic sulfur compounds, from his early explanation of the role of the amino acid cystine in the insulin molecule to his synthesis of polypeptide hormones.
  10. Gold was associated with kings and Christians believe that Jesus is the King of kings.
  11. For example (to take the case of the antipathy to the spider, alluded to in the last article), the reason why that young lady dislikes spiders is undoubtedly because she has some unpleasant idea associated with the thought of that animal, perhaps, for example, the idea of their crawling upon her, which is certainly not a very pleasant one for any body.

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