Use Assist in a Sentence, How to use “Assist” in a sentence


Use Assist in a sentence. How to use the word Assist in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Assist. Sentence for Assist.

Use Assist in a Sentence - How to use "Assist" in a sentence

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Examples of Assist in a sentence

  1. A most effectual way to secure the good-will of a scholar is to ask him to assist you.
  2. Others appeal sometimes to religious truth merely to assist them in the government of the school.
  3. Please provide us the following information so that we can do a detailed analysis for your website and assist you better.
  4. The Central Statistics Office gathers and transmits data to assist the pope and the bishops.
  5. Assist Accountant to confirm AR, AP, fixed assets, inventory records, etc.
  6. Any anecdote becomes a reason for entertainment, like the truck that has broken down where several drivers go to assist in its repair.
  7. Of course, there will be no punishment; but it will very much assist you to watch yourselves, if you expect to make a report at the end of the forenoon.
  8. “Now, boys,” continued the master, “will you assist me in making arrangements to prevent the recurrence of all temptations of this kind hereafter?
  9. They have had them fitted up for you handsomely, and if you wish to have them kept in good order, we will assist you.
  10. And my readers are requested to bear in mind that my object is not to show how the whole government of the school may be secured, but how one important advantage may be gained, which will assist in accomplishing the object.
  11. It will be the most valuable knowledge which a man can possess, both to assist him in the general administration of the school and in his intercourse among mankind in the business of life.
  12. They love to be of some consequence in the world, and will be especially gratified to be able to assist their teacher.


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