Use Assigned in a Sentence, How to use “Assigned” in a sentence


Use Assigned in a sentence. How to use the word Assigned in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Assigned. Sentence for Assigned.

Use Assigned in a Sentence - How to use "Assigned" in a sentence

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Examples of Assigned in a sentence

  1. The visas are assigned to six geographical regions.
  2. The educator located the local location assigned to hello m.
  3. His name blackened, his writings neglected, for two decades he was assigned to Nizan the role of loser.
  4. When Operation Vittles was completed, Bodycombe was assigned to the 7167th Special Air Mission Squadron in Wiesbaden for the remainder of …
  5. This document presents a new algorithm for Autonomous Integrity Monitoring of the Receiver (RAIM) based on the dynamically assigned strategy of the Probability Information of Dangerously Harmful Information (PHMI).
  6. The extemporization of piano accompaniment is the curriculum of teaching in the higher school of teachers to which it has been assigned ever more value.
  7. During World War I he was assigned to the Army newspaper Stars and Stripes.
  8. A person fleeing to a church or churchyard might permanently escape trial if, after confessing himself guilty before the coroner, he took an oath abjuring the kingdom, promising to embark, at an assigned port, for a foreign land and never to return unless by the king’s permission.
  9. In 1800, Tsar Paul I assigned it to create vedute of the streets and architecture in Moscow.
  10. This business ought, if possible, to have a specific time assigned to it.
  11. Unless the boys are very different from any I have ever met with, they will be pleased with the duty thus assigned them.
  12. Let each be assigned to its proper time and place, so that your time may be your own, under your own command, and not, as is too often the case, at the mercy of the thousand accidental circumstances which may occur.
  13. A new lesson may now be assigned, and the first portion may be dismissed, which in a well-regulated school will be two thirds of the class.


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