Use Assessment in a Sentence, How to use “Assessment” in a sentence


Use Assessment in a sentence. How to use the word Assessment in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Assessment. Sentence for Assessment.

Use Assessment in a Sentence - How to use "Assessment" in a sentence

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Examples of assessment in a sentence

  1. The assessment of posttraumatic stress disorder related to violent crimes.
  2. All of these assessment tools evaluate several risk factors.
  3. Noted for his pioneering work in numerical educational attainment assessment.
  4. With self-care trends in 2018, it’s the perfect time to do a self-assessment and see how much time you spend nurturing your own needs throughout the week.
  5. Therefore, universities must establish the human-centred concept and present it in all aspects of moral work: moral idea, moral contents, moral aim, moral process, moral method and assessment.
  6. It is highly recommended that before the change will come into effect, start your migration process by applying for a skill assessment from relevant assessment body.
  7. Intial assessments after the Vilonia was hit again on Sunday suggested this disaster could be even worse.
  8. The fertility and productiveness of the soil each year were determined almost wholly by the extent of the inundation; and as the ability of the people to pay tribute depended upon their crops, the Nilometer furnished the government with a criterion by which they regulated the annual assessments of the taxes.


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