Use Asked in a Sentence, How to use “Asked” in a sentence


Use Asked in a sentence. How to use the word Asked in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Asked. Sentence for Asked.

Use Asked in a Sentence - How to use "Asked" in a sentence

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Examples of asked in a sentence

  1. I asked to see my accountant.
  2. “Am I boring you?” she asked anxiously.
  3. When he asked them what they wanted to be, he received five different replies.
  4. He asked President Bush of the United States to intervene on his behalf.
  5. That I be asked to see myself as someone who sympathizes with the women of the first century puts my credulity to the test.
  6. As usual in recent months, Ferrara is asked to compare Juventus with Inter: “We know we are a good team and we should not be surprised by the defeat tonight”.
  7. He has also asked for an acceleration of the political reforms.
  8. To quench the thirst of the devil for human sacrifices, the king asked his wife to forgive one of his children.
  9. Studler asked the Aberdeen testing facility to submit a report on the smaller caliber weapons.
  10. Deceptive, he asked important questions about his opponent’s work.
  11. When he asked the congregation to leave, he sent his son to find an air rifle.
  12. The vicar asked the congregation to kneel.
  13. Ms. Harris asked her Xerox secretary for seven copies of the contract.
  14. Clients are asked to refrain from smoking in the restaurant.
  15. The leaders asked their representatives to abstain from voting.
  16. I have been asked to elaborate the cleaning rotation.
  17. This Christmas I asked Santa to give me the best he deserved.
  18. In front of the camera, they were asked to act as normally as possible, as if nothing had happened.
  19. All my lovers asked me why they could not replace Mary, but it’s just impossible,” Mercury said in an interview in 1985.
  20. That said, let what you see below inspire you, or risk being asked, “Wait, what are you again?” all night.

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