Use As in a Sentence – How to use “As” in a sentence


Use As in a sentence. How to use the word As in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word As. Sentence for As.

Use As in a Sentence - How to use "As" in a sentence


Examples of As in a sentence

  1. As director of the Immigrant’s Protective League, she developed a program to help new immigrants to that city.
  2. He graduated from the University of Rochester in 1911, spent the next year as a student in George Pierce Baker’s playwriting class at Harvard University, and began his professional career in 1913 as an actor.
  3. His first successes as a director came in 1935 with Three Men on a Horse, a farce by Abbott and John Cecil Holm, and On Your Toes, a musical on which he collaborated with Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.
  4. Sadler’s activities as a notary in the Foreign Ministry remain obscure.
  5. The acquisition battle of Cadbury is a good example of how the UK Acquisition Code works at least as effectively as the Delaware Court of Justice when deciding on mergers.
  6. Peyton entered Lincoln’s Inn in 1655, having also succeeded his father as an examiner in Chancery in 1654.
  7. He was as rationalist as I was, but he died when I was three years old, and the Chancellor’s Court decided that I would have the benefits of a Christian education.
  8. Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi; (1834-1904), French sculptor, who created the statue Liberty Enlightening the World, popularly known as the Statue of Liberty.
  9. Donald began his career as a student of painting but later turned to sculpture.
  10. His work The Life of the Greek and Roman Nobles, translated in 1579 from the French version of Plutarch of the parallel Lives of Jacques Amyot, has been described as one of the first masterpieces of English prose.
  11. According to an article published by the United States Department of Labor (Bulletin No. 29, July 1900), Oregon was the first state to legislate for general observance of Labor Day as a legal holiday.
  12. This law, enacted Feb. 21, 1887, specified the first Saturday in June as Labor Day; but in 1893 the day of observance was changed to the first Monday in September.
  13. Clarendon, the 17th century historian, described Capel as a man “in whom the malice of his enemies could discover very few faults.”

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